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Home Automation Concept

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Home Automation

Home Automation is the access and control of home equipment such as Audiovisual equipment, household appliances, security system, computer and communication at the touch of your finger, the speech of your voice, the blink of your eye or even the turn of your mind. Interlink Consultants and Engineering Co., Ltd. provides you with the step by step migration from a convention home to one that you seen in science fiction movies.

New Dimension of Home Entertainment

Together wuth the advance of telecommunication system and computer and computer technology, home entertainment is no longer limited to audiovisual. You may find playing 3D TV Games with large screen projectors more exciting and fulfilling than playing at arcades. You may also view Internet over a large screen using remote mouse and keyboard. Video-conferencing will also be executed together with large screen projectors.


Home Theater

Home Theater becomes an essentail home enterainment of living of modem people. You may enjoy the movies or TV programs and feel the shock of the movies together with THX and AC-3 over a large screen. The following are the basic equipment to set up a Home Theater.
Projector :
Line Doubler /Line Quadrupler
Large Projection Screen
Laser Disc Player with AC-3/THX5.1


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